Riley's Farm

Field trip to Riley’s Farm

When:  Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Where: Oak Glen, CA (San Bernadino County)

            The purpose of attending Riley’s Farm was to get a glimpse of the realities of 18th century life (per the American Revolution) and allow our students to experience some of the indignities suffered by the colonists while on their road to independence. The tour serves to explain the actions the colonists took in response to those indignities.

            Mrs. Johnson’s class was known as “Charleston” and Mrs. Ng’s was “Dorchester.” The students were a part of a rotation and visited eight stations, which included weaving, etiquette, drilling, quill & ink, games of the 18th century, and participating in a mock trial called “The Admiralty Court,” which was a comparison of a colonial citizen’s chance for a fair trial concerning maritime violations.

            As part of their lunch, all students were fed a soldier’s ration, which consisted of corn bread, beef jerky, and some juice. The day ended with every student participating in a re-enactment of a battle scene, which was incredible!

            This field trip was very hands-on. The students were engaged in and able to participate in all stations, which made it a tremendous, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime learning experience.