Journalism Club


Journalism Club English Learners – 3rd – 5th Grade


In 2013-14 our Journalism Club submitted a grant to the Educational Foundation to help support our students. This grant was awarded, which supported all of our Journalism Clubs in all six elementary school sites for the 2014-15 school year. The grant funds materials that help our students in the RAP program be successful in their Journalism Clubs.

The Journalism Club is available to all of our students in grades 3rd—5th that attend the RAP program. The Journalism Club allows our students to become Journalists and Editors all within a 10-unit session. The Journalism Club is implemented four times during the school year (includes Summer) to approximately 18-25 students. Every session students produce a newspaper also known as the Lawndale Chronicle. This newspaper is handed out to students in the RAP program and their families In addition to people in our Lawndale community. This club also pro-vides life experiences while focusing on building our students’ skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our students learn the process of reading articles written by other students as well as, interviewing individuals in our Lawndale community, writing articles and seeing the finished product —the Lawndale Chronicle.

Our students in our Journalism Clubs have learned various techniques on how to identify the different parts of an article, which assists them in creating their own. In addition, students have learned the skills of becoming a professional reporter and maybe one day pursuing the career path of a Journalist/Reporter.

The Journalism Clubs are important to the RAP program because this is one way of providing support to our English Learners, as well as building a foundation for a career path, all while having fun. This is an amazing experience to our students because they get to meet new people, gain skills and showcase their talents.

Thank you to the LESD Educational Foundation for supporting our students!