USC Campus Tour

Ms. Shalaby, 2014, Rogers Middle School

Using part of the money we received from the Lawndale Educational Foundation, our AVID students were able to visit a university campus and to learn all about campus life.  Even though USC is a local university, many of our students believe that it is out of their reach.  As a private school, it is extremely expensive.  Our students learned how accessible this school is and that there are different ways of paying for college.    Since it was a self -guided tour, students were able to explore buildings and the campus on their own.  We did a scavenger hunt, where students had to find various building and answer questions about them.   To end the field trip, we took students to a women’s water polo game, which was really exciting for them.  Many of them have never attended a college-sporting event.

By attending this field trip, we hope that our students get excited about attending college and all that college has to offer.  Our AVID students know the benefits that come with a higher education and we hope that by visiting various schools, they can start to plan and think about their futures.  This was such a great experience for our students, especially first generation students who will be the first in their families to attend college.  The grant money we received through the Lawndale Ed Foundation made it all possible.  Our students and our parents really appreciate the experiences and they always come back telling us how much they appreciate the opportunities we are providing for their students.