New Instruments for the JAMS Band

Jane Addams Middle School, Deborah Fetterhoff

New Classical Guitars at Addams:
Addams music department has offered a very popular guitar class for several years.  The students choose the songs they want to learn, and they are taught the chords to play along with their favorite CD's. The class is so popular that we have worn out several guitars and has grown so large that we didn't have enough instruments for everyone. Additionally, our old guitars needed new strings. Thank you LEF for making this learning opportunity possible for our students. For many of them, this will be the only chance they will ever have to get guitar instruction.

New Brass Instruments for Addams Band:
Everyone loves a band, especially a marching band,  and it seems that all band students want to learn the trumpet or the trombone. Both of these are good things as we need lots of brass instruments to be heard at a parade.  Our trombones and trumpets are getting old and worn, so having 3 new trumpets and 2 new trombones is a really great thing to help us maintain our instrument inventory.  The kid’s eyes really lit up when they saw them, and of course, everyone wanted the new ones! It is really remarkable that Lawndale continues to be able to provide band instruments for all band students, something that most districts gave up on long ago.  Thank you LEF for putting more instruments in the hands of our eager young musicians who couldn't afford this opportunity otherwise.