Common Core, Technology, and Collaboration

Will Rogers Middle School

Ms. Clarke, 7th/8th grade Algebra/8th Grade Common Core, has utilized the iPad Mini’s to allow collaboration amongst groups of 4 to solve and present problems that were assigned.  The students are thoroughly excited when we use the iPads.  I have found that students that are shy or typically do not share out feel more confident when solving problems.  I have used two applications that provide seamless integration with the Smartboard.  The Notebook software for the iPad allows students to use tools to represent and create their solutions creatively from their table groups.  When asked I have each table group use the Mirror 360 application to mirror their iPad screen to the board and then we discuss their thought process.  If we do not use the Mirror 360 application and I want the students to get used to presenting from the front of the room vs their table groups I utilize the VGA adapter.  I have been using the iPads since the beginning of the year and the growth that I have seen amongst the students being comfortable with discussions and the willingness to discuss their thought process for equations has been eye opening.  I would have never thought that using the iPads minis would have had such a great effect on my teaching and the student’s participation and discussions about math.

Mr. Nguyen’s History students used the iPad Mini to create short video clips for Back to School Night.  Each student recorded the message of why “Rogers Rocks…”  Then students used the iMovie App to edit their clip.  Students then finalized their clip adding in graphics and music.  The purpose of this assignment was to allow students the opportunity to use technology in the classroom while learning public speaking skills.  It also allowed them to collaborate with each other.  The final video also showcases why our school is awesome.

Thank you again for the opportunity, our students love the iPads and want to use them every day.  I can’t wait to see what else the year will bring.